Bleach: TYBR Part 1 Finale | Watch it Here | Ichigo kurosaki’s new weapon

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War (TYBW) is very popular anime series. The production house has released the bleach part 1 finale. The final episode of bleach is one hour special episode. It combines episode 12 and 13.

Bleach: TYBR Part 1 Finale

Fans are sharing their their views and favourite parts of the finale episode. The fans are very excited on Ichigo and his new weapon Zanpakuto Zangetsu. The weapon helped Ichigo to realise his full potential. And Ichigo Kurosaki also learned about his lineage. Ichigo Kurosaki finally realized the full potential of his Zanpakuto as he discovered his true self.

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War Part 1 Finale

The production house of bleach has released one hour special episode after fans trends it on twitter. The one-hour special is set to air December 26 and will combine Episode 12 and 13 of the anime.





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