First case of Brain Eating Amoeba found in South Korea

Brain Eating Amoeba: It is a special of the genus Naegleria. It is known as Naegleria Fowleri and also commonly referred as “brain eating amoeba”.

According to the national public health agency of United States, It I a single cellular living organism. It lives in hot and fresh water, soil, lakes and rivers.

Brain Eating Amoeba
Brain Eating Amoeba

Brain Eating Amoeba found in South Korea

In a South Korea, The first case of naegleria fowleri found which is also known as brain eating Amoeba.

According to the report, “A man has died in his 50s after infected from Naegleria Fowleri. He was living in Thailand for 4 months before coming to South Korea on December 10.


1. Can Brain Eating Amoeba be cured?

Ans. There is no specific treatment but PAM(Primary Amebic Meningoencephalitis)is a treated with a combination of drugs.

2. Where are brain Eating Amoeba found?

Ans. It is found often in lakes, hot springs and rivers.

3. Can You survive brain Eating Amoeba?

Ans. It is a extremely rare infection. The chance of dying from brain Eating Amoeba are above 97 percent.

4. What is the symptoms of brain Eating Amoeba?

Ans. Headache, fever, nausea or vomiting are the symptoms of brain eating amoeba.

5. How do I prevent from Brain Eating Amoeba ?

Ans. You can prevent your self by avoiding your head putting under hot springs water and other geothermal waters.





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