Mia Khalifa reaction after her Tik Tok banned in Pakistan.

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mia Khalifa tik tok banned in Pakistan

Mia Khalifa is Instagrammer, social influencer, commenters, social media personality, webcam model as well as Tik toker.

Recently her tik tok I’d got banned in Pakistan. The government of Pakistan has banned her tik tok I’d without any notice. She was criticized in many Muslim countries because of their previous work and also criticized by many of Pakistanis.

About Mia Khalifa

Mia Khalifa is living in America. She has also a YouTube channel as well as twitch channel.

where she is posting videos and also going live. Her real name is Mia Callista. And her height is almost 5 ft 2 in.

Mia Khalifa reply over tik tok banned on Twitter

One user post their view on Twitter over banned the tik tok I’d in Pakistan.

She also replied to the user.

Later she also posted that she is going to post their tik tok video on Twitter for their Pakistanis fan.

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