Today’s Ratan Tata birthday, Look at his Journey and his quotes

Ratan Tata is an indian industrialist, philanthropist and former Chairman of Tata Sons. On December 28, 2022 he turns 85. Today we are going to look at his journey and how he become the greatest philanthropist.

Ratan Tata
Ratan Tata

Ratan Tata

Ratan Tata is also a motivation speaker as well as great philanthropist. He has done most of his wealth to charity. The Charity Trust is managed by Tata groups.

He was born on December 28, 1937, in Mumbai to Naval Tata and Sooni Tata. He went to Cornell University to study architecture and structural engineering in 1959 and briefly worked with Jones and Emmons in Los Angeles before returning to India in 1962.


He is a great philanthropist of the decade. Most of wealth goes to charitable trust which is managed by Tata groups. It spends money on education, art, poverty etc. His great-grandfather Jamshetji Tata has become greatest philanthropist of the century. Sir Jamshetji Tata has donated $102.4 billion over the century.

Ratan Tata Quotes

“Ups and downs in life are very important to keep us going because a straight line, even in an ECG means we are not alive”.

“None can destroy iron, but its rust can. Likewise, none can destroy a person, but his own mindset can”.

“If you want to walk fast, walk alone. But if you want to walk far, walk together”.

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