College Football Playoff Rankings Predictions: The Final CFP Top 10 Could be
College Football Playoff

The College Football Playoff (CFP) rankings are set to be released on Sunday, December 3rd, and the final top 10 could look very different from the current standings.

Current CFP Top 4

  1. Michigan (13-0)
  2. Washington (13-0)
  3. Texas (12-1)
  4. Liberty (13-0)

College Football Playoff Rankings Predictions

Soon, The final College Football Playoff Rankings will be announced. Before the CFP committee unveils the final rankings, Our team has project the final rankings of the top 25 teams before the CFP committee is going to  releases them. The Predicted Top 10 cfp are.

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Predicted CFP Top 10

  1. Michigan (13-0)
  2. Washington (13-0)
  3. Texas (12-1)
  4. Liberty (13-0)
  5. Ohio State (11-1)
  6. Oregon (11-2)
  7. Missouri (10-2)
  8. Penn State (10-2)
  9. Ole Miss (10-2)
  10. Tennessee (8-4)

CFP Potential Changes could be

  • Ohio State could move up to No. 5 after winning the Big Ten Championship.
  • Oregon could fall to No. 6 after losing to Washington in the Pac-12 Championship.
  • Missouri, Penn State, Ole Miss, and Tennessee could all move up or down one spot depending on the final CFP rankings.
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